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This is A-Maze-ing!

Are you up for a challenge? We sure were when we decided to devote an entire acre of our property to create a hay maze. That's right, we have a one acre hay maze! But what could be more fun than trying to escape the challenges of the maze? How about putting a giant hay pyramid in the middle of everything! If you can make it this far, you will have conquered half of the maze. Climb to the top not only get a great view of the entire pumpkin patch and all of the fun activities, but plan out your route to reach the end of the maze. We are pretty sure this is Sonoma County's Largest Hay Maze. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience this unique attraction.

Take a selfie on top of the pyramid or throughout the maze and tag us on social media. Instagram @mickelsonpumpkinpatch or Facebook #Mickelsonpumpkinpatch.

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